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Mussoorie Attractions/Tourist places/Local Sightseeing

Mussoorie Local Sightseeing "The Queen of Hills", Mussoorie is a hot-pick when it comes to deciding a perfect holidaying destination in Uttaranchal. A place that is equally enticing for lovey-dovey honeymooners and an exuberant trekker; Mussoorie has a lot to offer to everyone. A 34 km winding drive from Dehradun takes you to its lap. Located on the Garhwal Hills, the hill resort juts out like a little paradise from a hilltop. The place seems like a unique mosaic of antiquity, mysticism and various hues. With a picturesque backdrop and bracing environs, the place is home to numerous tourist attractions. Learn more about the sightseeing tours in Mussoorie.

In Mussoorie Sightseeing Places For Tourist Attractions Are Many But The Famous Mussoorie Attractions Are-Kempty Fall,Gun Hill,Clound End,Lal Tibba, Camel Back Point.Munsipal Garden,The Jharipani and the Bhatta Falls,Jwalaji Temple, Mussoorie Lake,Nag Devta Temple to name the few.Majorly the tourism activities in Mussoorie Include. To know about the must see tourist places in Mussoorie-Uttarakhand,use the information below


At an altitude of 1370 m from the sea level and almost 15 km away from Mussoorie, you will have the opportunity to see one of the finest waterfalls in India.From a great height water cascades down a hill and dives straight into a plunge pool. A narrow winding stair will lead you to the plunge pool and the view of the waterfall from the very bottom is breathtaking. There is dense vegetation in the area and you will surely love the rippling cascade


This is the second highest peak in Mussoorie. The hill offers a panoramic view of the Himalayan range like the Srikantha, Pitwara and Gangotri. The hill has a piece of history associated with it. During the colonial rule, the hill had a gun mounted on top of it. Everyday at mid-day, the gun was fired from atop the hill so that people could adjust their watches accordingly. It is at a distance of 400 m and can be accessed by a ropeway. You can also walk to the spot and it will take no more than only 20 minutes.


Sir George Everest was the first Surveyor General of India and it was after him that the highest mountain peak in the world was named. He lived at Park Estate and both the laboratory and the building still stand. The place offers a picturesque view of the Doon Valley. The snow bound Himalayan range and the beautiful Yamuna valley is just the perfect place for adventure sports like trekking and leisure tours like picnic.


This is beautiful place is a favorite among tourists and especially popular among honeymooners. The hotel that you will presently find started as a bungalow built by a British Major in the year 1838. The place is enveloped by dense deodar forest and has an extremely calm and peaceful atmosphere. Quite a variety of flora and fauna is found here.

LAL TIBBA(Depot hill) #5

The highest point in Mussoorie, Lal Tibba gives you splendid view of the landscape around. Located in Landour, it is the oldest inhabited area of the place. Old British architectures adorn the place and impart it an antique charm. From here, one can have clear views of the snow capped Himalayan peaks and places like Badrinath and Kedarnath dotting the horizon.


Road The road borrows its name from a large rock here that looks like a camel's back. One can see the rock from the 'Mussoorie Public School'. The road starts from Kurli Bazaar and goes up to the Library Bazaar. Thick deodar trees girdle this 3 km long stretch. The atmosphere is very serene and ideal for pony-riding and watching the sun playing 'hide and seek' in the Himalayas.


Located about 3 km from Mussoorie, this beautiful picnic spot is easily accessible by a pony, rickshaw or car. Housed amidst bamboo and deodar trees, it was earlier known as the 'Company Garden'. The place has an artificial lake that provides boating facilities. Varieties of exotic flowers are also found in the gardens. One can also reach the place on foot, via Waverly Convent Road..


The Jharipani and the Bhatta Falls are two major waterfalls of Mussoorie. Jharipani Fall is located 8.5 m from Mussoorie on the Mussoorie-Jharipani Road and can be reached by a vehicle, up to a distance of 7 km. The rest of the journey (1.5 km) has to be covered on foot. Bhatta Fall is located on the Mussoorie- Dehradun Road and is an ideal spot for bathing and picnicking.


This famous Hindu temple is located at a distance of 9 km from Mussoorie. Dedicated to Goddess 'Durga', this temple is situated atop the Benog Hill, at a height of 2100 m. Enveloped by thick forests from all sides; the temple poses a striking picture. Moreover, one can have breathtaking view of the Himalayan peaks, Doon Valley and the Yamuna valley from this site.


This newly made lake is situated on the Dehradun road, at a distance of 6 km from Mussoorie. Developed by the city board and the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority, this lake is a famous picnic spot of the place. With a beautiful backdrop, the place is also famous for its pedal-boating facilities. The lake also offers enchanting view of Doon Valley and the surrounding places. .


It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated on Cart Mackenjee road. It is about 6km from Mussoorie on way to Dehradun. The temple is well accessible with motorable roads. This place affords enchanting views of Mussoorie and Doon valley.


Benog Wildlife Sanctuary has been developed as a bird-watching haven and is a part of the famous Rajaji National Park. It is about 11-kilometer (6.8 mile) from Library point in Mussoorie. Popular tourist attractions near Benog are Park Estate and Cloud’s End, from where a 2-kilometer (1.24 mile) trek uphill leads to the Sanctuary.


A temple of Lord Balbhadra is situated near Mussoorie and offers a panoramic view of higher Himalayan peaks like Swargarohini & Bandarpunchh. It can be best reached from Mussoorie via Clouds End or Benog Hill though there are other routes as well, like Dehradun via Bakarna-Chhaskhet-Dhudhli. The entire route is very scenic and the terrain is a gradual ascent.


Christ Church was constructed in 1836 and is believed to be the oldest existing church in the Himalayan ranges.While holidaying in Mussoorie, most tourists miss out on the famous historical landmark called Christchurch. It is situated near Kasmanda Palace, now a heritage hotel near Library Point.  It is also believed that the church was built by the British community.


The Aglar Valley, concealed in the Lower Himalayas in Tehri Garhwal area, is a pleasant scene comprising of mountain inclines and riverine valleys dressed with mild and wide leaved forests.


Located about 2 kilometres from Library Bazaar, it is a large Tibetan settlement and a beautiful trail, which leads to Cloud’s End, a scenic spot located at the far end of the town.About 2-kilometer (1.24 mile) from Library bus terminal, Happy Valley or ‘mini-Tibet’ stretches out in the outskirts of Mussoorie, and is home to about 5000 Tibetan refugees.


The forests of Jabarkhet and the surrounding areas have immense ecological values both for the biodiversity they harbor and the services they provide. As one of the few remaining natural forest patches near Mussoorie with connections to the Sivalik Hills and the middle Himalayas, they form an important wildlife corridor.


Again not delightful but still worth seeing once.Itss in the main city.Exotic fish species their.The only thing I found beautiful in Mussorie was the look of the valley in morning sun.Morning Sun is really bright and when it shines on the green leaves of the trees that fill up the deep valley,its really mesmerizing.It is neither a tiger nor a horse, but this species of fish, which is on display at the Mall Road based Jawahar Aquarium, is officially known as Tiger Horse.


The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and has a stone idol in the inner sanctum. Besides devotees, the shrine also attracts nature lovers for its beautiful surroundings and pleasant atmosphere. Tourists can have a glimpse of Shivalik range on one side and the lush green Yamuna Valley on the other.This famous Hindu temple is located at a distance of 9 km from Mussoorie.


There is a wax-museum located on the outskirts of Mussoorie in Uttrakhand which has become quite the toast of residents and tourists visiting there. This wax-museum is fourth in the line of wax-museums already standing in India – there’s one in Kanyakumari, Kolkata and Lonavla.The museum houses statues of 26 world-famous personalities.


At a distance of 5 km from Library Bus Stand, The Kellogg's Memorial Church is an old church situated near Kasmanda Palace in Landour of Mussoorie. The Church was built as a Presbyterian church in 1903 and was also the home of the Landour Language School where British people were taught Hindi at that time.


After the Mall Road, the Kulri Bazaar is the most famous market in Mussoorie. Known for its collection of fashionable apparels, handicrafts and artefacts, Kulri Bazaar is quite popular with the tourists as well as the locals. This market also has a line of swanky hotels, restaurants and big business ...Another major shopping area in Mussoorie is Kulri Bazaar.


Popularly known as the Queen of Hills, this charming hill station, 34 kms from Dehradun is situated at an altitude of 2003 mts in the Garhwal hills. above sea-level. Mussoorie is one the beautiful hill stations in India and the most frequently visited. It provides excellent respite to people who want relief from the hot sultry conditions of the plains, especially since it is close enough to the capital to make just weekend trip


Landour, a small cantonment town contiguous with Mussoorie, is about 35 km (22 mi) from the city of Dehradun in the northern state of Uttarakhand in India.[2] The twin towns of Mussoorie and Landour, together, are a well-knownBritish Raj-era hill station in northern India.In addition to this, the place also has residence of Captain Young, who discovered Mussoorie.


Best location for Adventure in Mussoorie & Dhanaulti is Snow Adventure Zone. Located at Buranskhanda , only 18 km from Mussoorie and 6 km before Dhanaulti on Mussoorie - Dhanaulti road . Having a perfect blend of Nature & Adventure "Snow Adventure Zone" is a perfect outdoor adventure destination nearby Mussoorie and Dhanaulti .


At a distance of 3 km from Library Bus Stand, Mussoorie Heritage Centre is a private enterprise situated on Chamunda Peeth Temple Road in Mussoorie. It is opened in November 2013, with the objective of showcasing and preserving the Heritage of Mussoorie and the adjoining areas.


At a distance of about 2 km from the Gandhi Chowk is the Happy Valley, also known as "mini Tibet." This place is home to about 5000 Tibetan Refugees and has the Tibetan Buddhist Temple, also known as the Shedup choepelling temple. The temple open daily and has a timing of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The temple has a divine atmosphere and give a sense of solace and peace of mind to every visitor.


Welcome to Picture Palace, which boasts of being one of the initial 5D film theaters crosswise over India and not to forget, the first in Mussoorie. So on the off chance that you are feeling the loss of the multiplex experience on your excursion to this picturesque hill station, simply venture in at this swanky theater.


A Hindu temple dedicated to the combined form of the god Krishna and the goddess Radha, who is Krishna's true loveThe Radha Krishna temple is situated close to the Bhoramdeo temple. A unique characteristic of the temple is its underground rooms where sages performed rituals. There is a small holy water tank called Ujiyar Sagar that lies adjacent to the temple.


Sisters Bazaar is a market place dotted with pine, oak and deodar trees. Sister Bazaar is being known for Nurse(Sister/Nurse of British Military Hospital) who use to live this place during British rule over Mussoorie. That British Military Hospital was situated near by I.T.M. (Institute of Technology Management) officers mess and now known as 15 Cant Depot.


It incorporates the Shiva and Shakti temples as these mighty and majestic Himalayas are said to be the abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. An Akhand Dhuni (Eternal Flame) stays lit in the temple of Devi Chamunda. The Tantra values have also been carefully preserved in this temple in the form of the Shri Yantra, which is made of 8 metals (Ashtadhaatu).


Kottiyoor or Kottiyur is a famous Hindu pilgrim center devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The proper name of the temple here is Sri Kottiyoor Mahadeva Kshetram. Kottiyoor temple is located near Kelakam in Kannur district of the southern state Kerala. Sri Kottiyoor temple is also known as the "Dakshina Kashi" or "Varanasi of the South" and attracts lakhs of devotees every year during the "Vaisakha Maholsavam" celebrations.


St. Paul's Church is an Anglican church in Landour, India. The church was built in 1839 and first consecrated on 1 May 1840, by Bishop Daniel Wilson of Calcutta. From 1840 to 1947, the church was run by military chaplains and was the premier church for the cantonment being used primarily by the British residents of Landour associated with the area and the British Military Hospital during the British Raj.


Situated at a distance of 8 kilometres away from Dhanaulti, the Surkanda Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and is revered equally both by locals as well as tourists alike. Perched at a height of about 10,000 feet, the Surkanda Devi Temple offers a 360 degree view of the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, the Dehradun valley along with snow-covered peaks that add to the beauty of the temple. .


The most well known tapovan in India is the area above the Gangotri Glacier at one of the primary sources of the Ganges, in Uttarakhand, India. At the foot of Shivling peak, a barren area at about 4,463m (14640 feet) elevation, is a seasonal home to several sadhus living in caves, huts etc. and it has become a trekking destination also.


The Mall or the Mall Road is the main shopping hub in Mussoorie. Tourists and local inhabitants depend mainly on this market to shop for souvenirs and handicraft items. Vendors here sell almost everything and anything. Not just apparels and electronics, even memorabilia like ceramic vases, jamavar shawls, brass statues, wooden boxes


The Tibetan Market is a good place to buy cheap clothing and other goods. Set up generally along the Mall Road, the Tibetan Market is a colourful assortment of small stalls selling all kinds of stuff ranging from clothing to electronic goods. You should try buying a thing or two from here – haggling is a way of life at the Tibetan Market.This is the best place to stroll leisurely and shop casually.

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