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27 Famous Jim Corbett National Park Attractions

Best Sightseeing Places To See

Jim Corbett National Park situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the newly created state of Uttarakhand is haven for wildlife lovers in India. The present area of the Corbett park is 1318.54 sq. km. comprising of core area and buffer area. The core area of 520 sq. km. forms the Corbett Park while the buffer area of 797.72 sq. km. contains reserve forests as well as Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.With this huge area Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest as well as the largest national park of India.

Jim Corbett National Park is one of India's most beautiful wildlife areas has a tiger population of around 180, which makes this park as the most important reserve habitat of this endangered species in India.Jim Corbett National Park virgin forest and jungle areas are home to more than 100 species of fauna like Royal Bengal Tiger ,endangered Asiatic elephant and Ghariyal.Other well known species residing in Corbett park include Asiatic Black Bear, Hog Deer, Walking Deer, Sambar, Sloth Beer, Yellow-throated marten.The rich biodiversity of the park is a perfect place for bird enthusiasts; the area is considered one of the best bird-watching areas in India, with some 600 species having been sighted in the park. 27 famous Jim Corbett National Park attractions are below

Corbett Museum

1 Corbett Museum

Corbett Museum is the place where Jim Corbett stayed during winters. The museum has his books like Man Eating Tiger of Kumaon etc. It also offers his personal items like, gun, fishing net, cap, bag and some of his photographs with tigers..

2 Garjia Temple

Garjiya Temple is situated in the mid of Kosi River near Ramnagar. The temple holds great importance amongst the locals. Almost every couple who visits Corbett National Park or Ramnagar visits this famous temple of Garjia Maa to take their blessings.

Garjia Temple
corbett attractions

3 Corbett Fall

Corbett Fall is placed at 3km from Kaladhungi. This water fall is small sight but brilliant. With height of approximately 58 feet and it is in backdrop of the scenic greenish forest. You can take a nature bath in the fall..

4 Sita Bani

Sita Bani is a birdwatchers paradise and there is an ashram tucked away in the jungle. Panthers and other wildlife move to Sitabani when the tourist season is on in Corbett. This is an ideal place for doing wildlife photography.

Sita Bani

5 Ramnagar

Ramnagar is situated on the banks of Kosi River at an elevation of 345mts above sea level. Ramnagar town was established in 1856 by Commissioner H.Ramsay..

6 Jhirna

This place located in the southern boundary of the park. This area is very famous for black bear, wild elephants, dears and birds watching.

Camp Kyari

7 Camp Kyari

Camp Kyari is located on the foothills of the Nainital Kunjkharak sector, which shields it on the east and north-east. Situated in the Kyari Village, which is set in the Kumaon foothills, the camp is designed on eco-development principles. At the village, tourists can get a feel of a typical Himalayan village life..

8 Kalagarh Dam

The Ramganga Dam, also known as the Kalagarh Dam, is an embankment dam on the Ramganga River 3 km (2 mi) upstream of Kalagarh in Pauri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand, India. It is located within the Jim Corbett National Park.

Kalagarh Dam

9 Dhikala

Dhikala is the most well known of the popluar tourist destinations in Corbett. It is located at the edge of the broad Patli Dun valley through which the Ramganga flows in numerous channels. Dhikala offers an awesome uninterrupted panoramic view of the valley, with the Kanda ridge in the backdrop.

10 Kosi River

TKosi River is a famous spot for fishing and angling activities. During the fishing season that ranges from October till mid-December, and from mid-February to June end, enthusiasts can catch mahseer at the river. Permits for fishing can be arranged via resorts and jungle lodges located around Kosi River

Kosi River
Ramganga River

11 Ramganga River

Ramganga River is the largest of the few perennial sources of water in the Park. Crucial for Corbett, the rain-fed river originates near Gairsain in the Lower Himalayas. After its origination, the river travels a length of 100 km before entering the national park. Once in the park, the river flows for 40 km till Kalagarh, before entering the plains..

12 Bijrani

Bijrani: These forests range from those of pure Sal on the upper reaches, to deciduous mixed forests in the valley, along with three major grasslands. It sustains a variety of herbivores, and has a wide network of jungle roads, making Bijrani excellent tiger sighting territory.

Dhangadi Gate

13 Dhangadi Gate

Dhangadi Gate forms a significant entryway for the visitors travelling to Dhikala range of Corbett national park. It is situated at a distance of 20kms from Ramnagar at Ranikhet road and is the best spot for visitors to stop by and relax overnight at forest rest houses accessible at sairal, sultan, sarapduli and Dhikala.

14 Dhangari Museum

The museum situated near the gate is like an introduction to Jim Corbett National Park.Dhangarhi museum is located at Dhangarhi, is a good stoppage for watching one-time wildlife species. The museum has glass boxes containing head of tigers and elephants, killed in fight long back.Entry Fee in Dhangarhi Museum is Rs 5 for Indians and Rs 10 for foreigners.

Dhangari Museum
Durgadevi Zone

15 Durgadevi Zone

Durga Devi is an attractive and verdant tourism zone falling within Corbett National Park range. It is wildlife area, exceptionally used for long elephant safaris and makes direct access to the Ramganga River, where tourists can enjoy fishing and angling.

16 Sunrise Point

The highest peak in the park provides a perfect vantage point to have a panoramic view of both Kosi and Ramganga rivers along with the encompassing area of Bhuwankhal village (located nearby). You would also get a feel of British architecture through an old bungalow (residential building) situated near the park.

Sunrise Point
Hanuman Dham

17 Hanuman Dham

Hanuman Dham, located amidst the serene surrounding of majestic Himalayan valley, is one such destination. The easily accessible location and breathtaking scenic beauty of the place is equally matched by the magnificent architecture of the Dham.

18 Jhirna Jeep Safari

Famous for its wild bear, Jhirna tourist zone is located 16 kms. from Ramnagar and the area is full of natural beauty. Jhirna is famous for open grassland here you can spot tiger and deers.

Jhirna Jeep Safari
Kainchi Mandir

19 Kainchi Mandir

Hanuman Dham, located amidst the serene surrounding of majestic Himalayan valley, is one such destination. The easily accessible location and breathtaking scenic beauty of the place is equally matched by the magnificent architecture of the Dham.

20 Naini Lake

Famous for its wild bear, Jhirna tourist zone is located 16 kms. from Ramnagar and the area is full of natural beauty. Jhirna is famous for open grassland here you can spot tiger and deers.

Naini Lake
Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

21 Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Sonanadi wildlife Sanctuary is located in the neighborhood of Corbett national Park. The sanctuary falls in the Nainital district of Uttaranchal. Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary covers a total area of about 301 sq km. This sanctuary is an isolated and tranquil national park serving as a perfect shelter to a various count of fauna and flora.

22 Sitavani Temple

Sitavani Temple is located 20 km from Ramnagar. The temple is beautiful and a perfect place to attain peace. A fair is organised every year on the auspicious day of Ramnavami. sitavani temple....

Sitavani Temple
Bijrani Gate

23 Bijrani Gate

Bijrani tourist zone in corbett national park is the first choice among day tourists. Its entrance is at Aamdanda which is about 1 km. away from Ramnagar. After entering through Aamdanda gate, you cross about 5 km. of buffer zone before reaching Bijrani and jungle safari starts from this point. Bijrani is a beautiful spot and is known for its vast grass lands, deep forest , stormy drains and wild life.

24 Sitabani Gate

Sitabani tourist zone is not under corbett tiger reserve. In Sitabani, there is no limitation of vehicle. It’s a famous zone for bird watching. This is the only forest in corbett where we can walk inside the forest. Sitabani known for a temple and river...

Sitabani Gate
Jhirna Gate

25 Jhirna Gate

Jhirna visitor zone in corbett national park is situated at 16 km. from Ramnagar. You need to get the license issued by the Corbett Tiger Reserve before you continue to Jhirna. This area is full of natural beauty and specially known for its wild beer which suddenly appears from nowhere near your vehicle. 25 vehicles are permitted to get into this region in the morning and same number is permitted at night. .

26 Durga Devi Gate

Durgadevi traveler zone in corbett national park is most distant from Ramnagar at 28 km. This zone is an uneven region and is situated along the banks of Ramganga River. Besides looking at wildlife, you can likewise take a gander at prominent Mahasheer fish in the waterway waters. On your way you can stop at Dhangarhi exhibition hall. For the day visit, same rules are applicable here as those for Bijrani and Jhirna.

Durga Devi Gate
Kalagarh Gate

27 Kalagarh Gate

Situated At The Equal Distance From Ramnagar, And Kotdwar, Kalagarh Gate Is Highly Popular And Most Easily Reachable Entrance Point For Corbett National Park. This Is Also The Main Entry Point For Dhikala Range. Completely Through Kalagarh Gate Tourists Can Enjoy For A Wild And Green Safari On Canter.

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