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Munsiyari Tourism-Munsiyari travel information,Uttarakhand, India

Munsiyari Tourism: Munsiyari known as Trekkers Paradise or also as "place with snow" is a comely hamlet situated in the Pithoragrh district of Uttarakhand state. Munsiyari is nestled in the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas affording splendid vistas of natural beauteousness. Munsiyari is perched at an altitude of 7,240 ft above sea level.Munsiyari tourism, famous for its picturesque beauty and trekking excursions Munsiyari is a perfect place for trekking lovers. Munsiyari is popular with high altitude trekkers, adventure lovers,mountain climbers, glacier enthusiasts as this place is the base of Milam, Ralam and Namik Glaciers.

Munsiyari wedged between India, Tibet and Nepal made it mark as a well known trekking destination thanks to stunning views of snow capped higher Himalayan extents it is now been regarded as little heaven of Kumaon.Peaks of Panchachuli,Nandadevi, Nandakot, Rajarambha and heaps of Nepal Himalayas are at 'touching distance' one can feel while enjoying the Virgin environment of the valley

History of Munsiyari

It is said that the Pandavas had set out for their last voyage to heaven from Munsiyari. Munsiyari likewise falls on the old salt route from Tibet and is at the passage of the Johar Valley, which reaches out along the way of the Goriganga River to its source at the Milam Glacier. They drove semi-nomadic lives effectively engaged in trade with Tibet over the troublesome Himalayan passes. It took them 20-25 days to achieve Munsiyari from Tibet from where they conveyed back chiefly salt. Salt devoured in the whole Himalayan area originated from Tibet early days. It is occupied for the most part by the Shauka individuals (alluded to as Bhotiya by the non-Shaukas), who are its unique locals. The Shauka individuals are the primary occupants of this place. Individuals in Munsiyari love Goddess Nanda Devi. Local people were all of a sudden found without a feasible work when the border with Tibet was fixed in 1962 and the trade halted totally. Agriculture has never been excessively created here by virtue of the negative atmosphere. The majority of them were in this way compelled to relocate. The towns of Milam, Burfu and so on., toward the east of Munsyari, are to a great extent abandoned today.

What's Good about this place?

  • Offers strange perspectives of the Kumaun hills. Well known for the undisturbed atmosphere and the place is perfect destination for trekking lovers.

What's not so Good about this place?

  • Winters are extremely cool however wonderful in the meantime, so convey heavy woolens if you are travelling to this beautiful hill station during winters.

For Whom?

  • Munsiyari is perfect destination for the individuals who need to make the most of their vacation far from the hustle-bustle of the city in a lavish green environment . It is also a perfect place for trekking lovers and adventure freaks.

Panchachuli Peaks in Munsiyari

Group of 5 snow capped Himalayan Peaks ,The Panchchuli peaks is located at the end of the eastern Kumaun area of Pithoragarh district in Indian state of Uttarakhand. The pinnacles have elevations extending from 6,333 m to 6,904 m. They shape the watershed between the Gori and the Darmaganga valleys. Panchchuli Peak is likewise situated on the Gori Ganga-Lassar Yankti divide.

Elevations of The Panchachuli Peaks are:
  • Panchchuli Peak 1 = 6355 m
  • Panchchuli Peak 2 = 6904 m
  • Panchchuli Peak 3 = 6312 m
  • Panchchuli Peak 4 = 6334 m
  • Panchchuli Peak 5 = 6437 m

Flora & Fauna in Munsiyari

The sub-par ranges wake up sooner or later in spring with birds and blooms. At lower elevations in munsiyari we see Jays, the shrieking thrush, finches, wagtails, the peddle Cuckoo, multi-hued Cuckoo, wild Hens , the Lammergier, Teetar Pheasants, at larger amounts the glorious serpent bird, the Falcon, the Monal. Panthers, Panthers. Mountain Bears and the subtle Musk Deer discovered just in Munsiyari area make spotting natural life. The forests are plenteous mix of Deodar, Pine, Spruce, Oaks, Cypress and the blossoming Rhododendrons, heaps of exceptional herbs and furthermore the Morcilla.

Things to do in Munsiyari

Munsiyari offers a number of things to do that includes birdwatching, natural life seeing. Purchase some incredible hand-woven rugs or Himalayan tree saplings. Enjoy the neighborhood dish Kuka or head to spots like Khaliatop and Betulidhar for some remarkable skiing oportunities or Goriganga for stream rafting. Munsiyari with its spectacular scene is an beautiful destination for one and all.

Sightseeing in Munsiyari

Sightseeing in Munsiyari is a delight to nature lover.The Munsiyari timberland is home to panther, jaguar, mountain bear and the musk deer. You can go for timberlands trails and appreciate looking beautiful mountain flying creatures. The Munsiyari timberland is From Munsiyari you can likewise see a fortune trove of gorgeous peaks, particularly the Panchuli quintuplets that look like five stacks. The unbelievable Pandava rulers are said to have cooked their last supper at Panchuli before ascending to paradise. The whole Kumaon territory is saturated with epic history and the sacred mountain of the area symbolize old legends and Gods in their different symbols.

The River Mahakali and its tributaries Ramganga, Dhauliganga, and Goriganga plot a course through the Kumaon Mountains to converge with the Ganga in the fields. The dainty strip of Goriganga streams by Munsiyari, depleting the 18 km long Milam icy mass and converging with the Balati icy masses and the Panchuli snowfields.

Activities in Munsiyari

The beautiful peaks of Munsiyari have numerous extraordinary trekking courses. Exercises in Munsiyari incorporate trekking in the valley of Gori, which is a trekking paradise.You can likewise decide on various astonishing treks from Munsiyari to Milam, Namik and Ralam glacier and through the limited Johar valley that follows an old exchanging course to Tibet.Some of the famous treks of Munsiyari are khaila top trek, Nanda devi temple trek, Maheshwari Trek, kalika pass trek etc. Adventure enthusiasts will likewise discover bunches of chances for white water rafting and skiing in winters in Munsiyari and in its surrounding territories.

Places to Eat in Munsiyari

You will find couple of places to eat in Munsiyari that serve basic local food. Dont miss the special dish "Kukla" made up of flour or bhuta alu- potatoes singed with dhungar (a nearby herb). And there is also an hotel named Noorjehan which is one of the Best hotel for Biriyani , Their Chicken & Mutton Biriyani is really delicious , and one more thing its all in reasonable price , it is very near by Municipal stand just walkable distance from palakkad town bus stand

Shopping in Munsiyari

You can do a restricted shopping in Munsiyari. Purchase tribal handmade knickknacks or woolens made by local people. You can likewise bring home some brilliant hand woven floor coverings from Munsiyari Main Market. For the naturally disposed, take the Himalayan tree saplings from close by nurseries for your home or garden.

Places to see in Munsiyari

Don't miss these tourist spots during your trip-
Birthi Falls- Birthi falls is an excellant waterfall which is situated at a separation of 35 km from Munsiyari and is one of the most beautiful and breath-taking picnic spot in the Kumaon valley. If you are a trekking lover, you will discover this trek exceedingly energizing as it is without any railing and is open on both the sides.Birthi fall is also visited by large numbers of travellers due to the rare varieties of butterflies and sparrows found here.

Darkot-is a little pleasant villa arranged 6kms from Munsiyari on Madkot street. The old imaginative places of Darkot speak to the rich society and inventiveness of the general population of Kumaon.

Maheshwari Kund- is an old lake and has a profound legendary quality joined with it. It is trusted that when the villagers of Munsiyari dried this lake in a demonstration of retaliation, aksha decided to take revenge upon them. Subsequently, the whole town was hit with a progression of dry seasons until the villagers apologized before him. Indeed, even today, this custom is esteemed by local people of Munsiyari.

Madkot-Arranged at a separation of 5 km from Munsiyari, Madkot is prevalent for its common springs of heated water. It is trusted the hot water originating from this land is capable of healing or mending wellbeing diseases like skin smolders, body hurt and stiffness. This little town is confined from the bustling city life and is considered as a standout amongst the most serene spots in the locale of Munsiyari.

Thamri Kund-is a lasting lake and is a standout amongst the most ravishing fresh water lakes in the whole locale of Kumaon Valley.A beautiful trek surrounded by thick trees of paper leads to this lake. The trek takes around 8 hours to achieve the lake from the township of Munsiyari and therefore one should warily begin their adventure in early morning hours. The whole pool of Thamri is encompassed by a thick system of mountains which display a radiant perspective of the spot.

Milam Glacier


Maheshwari Kund


Dandeshwar Temple


Munsiyari Best time to visit-Climate /Weather

The months of March to June and mid-September to October are the best time for going to Munsiyari as the days are wonderful with surrounding temperatures being 25°C - 30 °C and the evenings being somewhat cooler. This period is likewise best to trek in the surroundign mountains. The rainstorm begins in July and carries on till early September and visiting in these months are best avoided, because of the moisture and constant rain. November is exceptionally pleasant and sees the onset of winter with December and January.In winters temperature range from 15 °C max to -3 °C min.

Munsiyari Tourism

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